The CairngormEvent class is used to differentiate Cairngorm events from events raised by the underlying Flex framework (or similar). It is mandatory for Cairngorm event dispatching.

For more information on how event dispatching works in Cairngorm, please check with CairngormEventDispatcher.

Events are typically broadcast as the result of a user gesture occuring in the application, such as a button click, a menu selection, a double click, a drag and drop operation, etc.

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@:value({ cancelable : false, bubbles : false })new(type:String, bubbles:Bool = false, cancelable:Bool = false)

Constructor, takes the event name (type) and data object (defaults to null) and also defaults the standard Flex event properties bubbles and cancelable to true and false respectively.



The data property can be used to hold information to be passed with the event in cases where the developer does not want to extend the CairngormEvent class. However, it is recommended that specific classes are created for each type of event to be dispatched.



Dispatch this event via the Cairngorm event dispatcher.