The PhoneFormatter class formats a valid number into a phone number format, including international configurations.

A shortcut is provided for the United States seven-digit format. If the areaCode property contains a value and you use the seven-digit format string, (###-####), a seven-digit value to format automatically adds the area code to the returned String. The default format for the area code is (###). You can change this using the areaCodeFormat property. You can format the area code any way you want as long as it contains three number placeholders.

If an error occurs, an empty String is returned and a String that describes the error is saved to the error property. The error property can have one of the following values:

  • "Invalid value" means an invalid numeric value is passed to the format() method. The value should be a valid number in the form of a Number or a String, or the value contains a different number of digits than what is specified in the format String.
  • "Invalid format" means any of the characters in the formatString property do not match the allowed characters specified in the validPatternChars property, or the areaCodeFormat property is specified but does not contain exactly three numeric placeholders.

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Area code number added to a seven-digit United States format phone number to form a 10-digit phone number. A value of -1 means do not
prepend the area code.


Default format for the area code when the areacode property is rendered by a seven-digit format.


String that contains mask characters that represent a specified phone number format.


List of valid characters that can be used in the formatString property. This property is used during validation of the formatString property.



Formats the String as a phone number. If the value cannot be formatted, return an empty String and write a description of the error to the error property.



Value to format.


Formatted String. Empty if an error occurs. A description of the error condition is written to the error property.

Inherited Variables

Defined by Formatter


Description saved by the formatter when an error occurs. For the possible values of this property, see the description of each formatter.

Subclasses must set this value in the format() method.

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